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Hi there, my name is Murayama, and I work as an assistant at the CIO office at KINTO Technologies. This article will introduce our employees' office and desk setups in a relaxed manner (˘ω˘)

Introduction to Our Offices

This is our head office in Nagoya.

Nagoya Office

President Kotera-san’s strong vision is reflected in the interior, emphasizing natural elements and brightness. The fire pit you can see in the bottom right picture -which is Kotera-san's particular point of focus-, is lit during certain times. It's located in the center of the office, where everyone gathers to have lunch together!

The second location is the Muromachi office.

Muromachi Office

Our Muromachi office located in Tokyo has two floors. It also has this area we call “the Junction”. It's a very elegant spot, also used for video and photoshoots! It's conveniently located near many shops since it's housed inside of the COREDO Muromachi 2 building. In this area, you can find whatever you want to eat!

The third location is the Jimbocho office.

 Jimbocho Office

I saw the Platform Group gathered in the big conference room so I took a picture of them. The Jimbocho office is popular because it has the largest number of conference rooms. This area offers affordable lunch options, especially there are a lot of delicious curry restaurants! I always have curry whenever I visit 🍛 The photo in the bottom right corner is a vending machine with the KINTO Technologies logo at this office.

The fourth site is the Osaka Tech Lab.

Osaka Tech Lab

Not ‘office’, but ‘Tech Lab’! (This is important) It opened in April and has still few employees, but everyone there shares their opinions to improve it. The rooftop in the bottom right part of this photo is wide and popular. Lunch is also cheap around Shinsaibashi! Plus, Osaka's batter-based dishes are delicious! Although I'm from Kanto, so I’m not used to okonomiyaki set meals for lunch...

Introduction to Our Desk Setups

Each person personalizes their seat to work comfortably. Functional desks reflect having a good setup, I’m sure, but I don’t think its only about functionality.

This is mine.

Employee Desk Environment

I have a big cheering squad. It's a great desk setup, right?! Our vice president Kageyama-san also has some on his desk. Every once in a while, one of them rolls off somewhere and I find it heartwarming and funny to see Kageyama-san search for it. It's inevitable when you hold a Sylvanian Families figurine in your hands, it brings out your nurturing instincts. Before I make this blog all about Sylvanian Families, let's move on to the next desk around here.

Employee Desk Environment

Employee commentary

Cool keyboard! She enjoys building her own PCs and Gunpla. Great hobby! In her home desk setup, she has many Gunplas watching her. She seems to have also brought a small one into the office today. I gave her a Sylvania so she has even more friends now. By now, I'm one of the Sylvanian Families evangelists in office!

Employee Desk Environment

Employee commentary

I'm sharing all this informally, but please know that I also perform well at my job.

There’s an e-sports club in the KINTO Technologies community, and we all played Splatoon together the other day. As I work at an IT company, I naturally (I guess?) love games as well. The recent trend in the company is playing Mahjong!

Employee Desk Environment

Employee commentary

Se says she wants Doraemon's Anywhere Door and I can relate. I wish I could easily travel back and forth between the different offices... But setting wishes aside, whenever I am needed, I travel to the other offices too. Each office has its own good points and I enjoy working in all of them!

Employee Desk Environment

Employee commentary

There are many people here who like books and the company has a system to lend them but It's also common to see employees lending books to each other. Also, I learned about Slack after joining KINTO Technologies. It's a wonderful application filled with cute emoji's and it allows us to communicate with each other in a nice and informal way!

Employee Desk Environment

Employee commentary

This setup is super engineer-like, with its double display!! It's a wonderful desk with both functional aspects and modest comfort. By now, you should understand that Sylvanian Families are universally appealing, right?


Remote work is popular these days, but I think it is best to go to office and work with everyone face to face in an atmosphere that you enjoy (˘ω˘) On top of that, you are free to change your hair color, clothes, and desk setup, allowing you to work in a comfortable environment, which makes it more enjoyable! Thank you for reading till the end!


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