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Refresh Yourself! Introduction of Physical Activity Communities at KINTO Technologies

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Hi, my name is Shida from the CIO office at KINTO Technologies (KTC). I usually work to support everyone at KTC! Aiming to be a bridge between teams and people, I place importance on communicating with everyone on a daily basis. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the community activities we are doing outside of the company.

What are Community Activities?

At KINTO Technologies, like-minded employees organize activities for the purpose of communicating more between each other. Many of these are frequently formed through shared interests, such as a community of individuals who appreciate one thing or the other. I myself am a member of multiple communities (maybe 21 or so...) and feel the following benefits from the expansion of communication.

Benefits of Expanding Communication Opportunities Among Colleagues

  • Deeper relationships can be built when you get to know different sides of your colleagues that don't come up in our everyday work.
  • Provides an opportunity for a break to recharge yourself.
  • Team members who don't typically collaborate frequently can deepen their ties.
  • It often translates into effective collaboration in our daily work by becoming close through club activities.

Stimulating communication = more opportunities to get to know each other
Internal communities can contribute to cultivating corporate culture from bottom up. I also believe that effective communication is the foundation of a strong organization and can contribute to keeping a vibrant business.

I might have gone a bit overboard in making it sound too grand, so let’s move on to the second half in a more casual way! Usually, we spend our days staring at the PC in the office, so physical activity is a must! Let me introduce you to some sports communities I'm in (^o^)/

Sports Communities

🏀Basketball Club🏀


  • Members: 25
  • Anyone with a passion for basketball is warmly welcomed!
  • About 10 joiners every match, even on weekends
  • Cheering each other and sweating together lively by passing and shooting practice.
  • Introduce a fresh form of communication distinct from the usual.


Held in a beautiful gym close to the office



In super intense games, the energy is so high that the camera loses focus completely lol

⚽️Futsal Club⚽️


  • Members: 39
  • An atmosphere where both beginners and experienced members can enjoy (we even have a former J-League player joining!)
  • It’s a great opportunity to communicate with people from other teams and have a good time together.
  • It's okay to just join to cheer or watch them play. Anyone can casually join when they feel like.
  • Communication beyond age and nationality (sports transcends language barriers)



My memorable first shooting scene⚽️ (I lack composure in my arms, right?)
Whether I scored a splendid goal after this... I leave it to your imagination, everyone(˘ω˘)


Even in sudden torrential rain, the game goes on. You can still experience the vitality of youth as a working adult!✨

⛳️ Golf Club ⛳️


  • Members: 21
  • A community that transcends team divisions and positions
  • We practice at the driving range and play rounds together (about once a month during the season)
  • Direct OJT from the manager, fostering camaraderie and contributing to personal growth
  • Communication throughout the day (including training camps)



A refreshing feeling of a driver shot in the midst of nature cannot be experienced in the city. (Wanting the echoing sound of striking a ball to be my alarm clock!)


Several members have started playing golf since they joined the company (close-knit ladies)


In the tension-filled green surroundings, we silently cheer for each other, ‘Go for it!’ .

🎾 Tennis Club 🎾


  • Members: 20
  • There are many experienced members that kindly offer advice for those who are starting out.
  • The matches will be a real test for both newbies and seasoned players!
  • Held after work at a tennis court close to the company.
  • Enjoy beer after tennis! (Everyone loves alcohol).



Practice scene Since half of us are beginners, the experienced members offer friendly lessons on techniques \( ˙-˙ \)(/ ˙-˙ )/


Thanks to their careful instructions, every beginner caught on quickly!


Did any of these activities interest you?

As communities are formed organically, a new one might be emerging as we speak...!

How to spend your time after work or the weekends varies from person to person.

As one option, KTC offers many opportunities to enjoy sports and connect with other employees. You can make the most of your free time by refreshing yourself through exercise!

We look forward to welcoming you to these communities when you join KTC 🤗


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