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Hello, my name is Rina and I’m involved in Mobility Market development and operation at KINTO Technologies. Usually I work as a front-end engineer implementing websites using Next.js.

We are excited to announce that we are starting a KINTO Technologies Tech Blog!! It’s been almost a year since KINTO Technologies was established, during which we saw an increase in number of employees as well as the amount of projects we handle, and we are finally able to start a tech blog! 👏

KINTO Technologies is a diverse team who tackles a multitude of challenges each day as a technical group for the global development of Toyota Group’s mobility services. In this blog, our engineers will share the details of these challenges, the state of our daily operations, and useful information on AWS and other infrastructure technologies as well as front-end and back-end development. Our first entry is about the services we offer at KINTO Technologies as well as the Advent Calendar 2021 articles by our engineers full of personality.

KINTO Services Introduction

KINTO Technologies develops and operates new services focusing on "people in cars", including products related to the "KINTO" global mobility brand, which is available in 30 countries, and the "my route by KINTO" multimodal mobility service.

KINTO Services to be Deployed Globally

As of December, 2022, the following seven services are being deployed.

Service name Description
KINTO ONE Subscription service that allows the customer to drive one model during the contract period.
KINTO FLEX Subscription service that allows customers to drive multiple models during the contract period.
KINTO JOIN A corporate program that allows employees to share rides when commuting by car, thereby helping to ease traffic congestion in the surrounding area, solve parking shortages and even reduce CO2 emissions.
KINTO SHARE Car sharing service available by the minute.
KINTO RIDE A service that calls up vehicles via an online platform and provides door-to-door transport.
KINTO GO Multi-modal services that combine several modes of transport according to customers needs and present travel route options.
KINTO FACTORY A service that makes you 'evolve' your Toyota/Lexus vehicle by updating software, hardware features and items in a timely manner in accordance with subsequent technological innovations of your already purchased Toyota/Lexus vehicle.

For more information, see here (KINTO's global expansion).

Of the above services, the following three are currently operating in Japan (as of December 2022).



KINTO ONE, a service for the domestic market, is a monthly subscription service that includes the vehicle price, automobile tax, insurance premiums, and other costs associated with a personal car. You can easily apply online and choose your favorite vehicle from popular Toyota and Lexus models. Additional services include のりかえGO (Norikae GO) and わりかんKINTO (Warikan KINTO).

KINTO also provides services such as 'my route by KINTO' and 'KINTO Magazine' as other KINTO-related products.

Related service name Description
my route This mobility service allows customers to perform different actions, from searching for means of transport to booking and payment, to be completed within a single app.
The app will suggest you routes that combine various means of transportation within a city, such as trains, buses, taxis, cycle shares, and car shares.
Vintage Club by KINTO A community for you and KINTO to enjoy vintage cars together. In addition to test driving and exclusive events for social media followers, we also upload original content on YouTube.
Mobility Market by KINTO This service extends the enjoyment of your life with a car. Our website introduces a variety of programs, such as services that help you take care of your beloved car, as well as destinations that are perfect for when you want to go for a drive.
KINTO Magazine Information on KINTO and cars is introduced through articles and cartoons.
Prism Japan A destination-inspired AI app that finds the perfect place for you. ​
のるウェイ!(Noruwaaaaaaaay) A web magazine that provides information on cars for those who feel a bit lost and want to relieve their feeling of "I wish I knew that" about cars.

Advent Calendar 2021

At last year's Advent Calendar our engineers wrote about their unique take on a wide variety of themes such as infrastructure, development, and management. This time, I will introduce some recommended articles based on my personal preferences.

Other articles can be viewed here.


In this post, we introduced the services we have in KINTO Technologies as well as the content on the Advent Calendar 2021. We hope that this sparked your interest in our services.

We plan to post about not only domestic but also global initiatives every week. Please look forward to what’s next in store for the "KINTO Technologies Tech Blog"!

Furthermore, KINTO Technologies is looking for people to work with us! You can find more information here


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新車サブスク開発グループについてTOYOTAのクルマのサブスクリプションサービスである『 KINTO ONE 』のWebサイトの開発、運用をしています。​業務内容トヨタグループの金融、モビリティサービスの内製開発組織である同社にて、自社サービスである、TOYOTAのクルマのサブスクリプションサービス『KINTO ONE』のWebサイトの開発、運用を行っていただきます。


新車サブスク開発グループについてTOYOTAのクルマのサブスクリプションサービスである『 KINTO ONE 』のWebサイトの開発、運用をしています。​業務内容トヨタグループの金融、モビリティサービスの内製開発組織である同社にて、自社サービスである、TOYOTAのクルマのサブスクリプションサービス『KINTO ONE』のWebサイトの開発、運用を行っていただきます。