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TRANSITS Workshop 2023 Summer Participation Report

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Hello, Morino from KINTO Technologies CSIRT here.

I participated in the Japan Ceasert Association's TRANSITS Workshop in Summer 2023, which ran for three days from July 12 2023 (Wed) to 14 (Fri). TRANSITS provides training content from Europe on the establishment and operation of CSIRT. In this workshop, I learned about the four modules: Organization, Operations, Technology and Law.

CSIRT stands for Computer Security Incident Response Team, referring to a team that responds to computer security incidents. Computer security incidents include leakage of confidential information, unauthorized intrusion into computer systems, and malware infections, etc.

Organization Module

In the Organizational Module, I learned about the role of the CSIRT, the services it provides, and the structure, etc. of its team. There was also an incident scenario exercise in which each team played the roles of a CSIRT member, an attacker, etc. In this exercise, I experienced the flow of incident response and the importance of communication.

Operations Module

In the Operations module, I learned about incident response and incident handling. "Incident response" refers to addressing incidents such as analysis and containment of incidents, etc. whereas "incident handling" refers to the overall response to incidents. There was also an exercise for each team to examine the incident handling process. This exercise taught me about the importance of preparing an incident response procedure in advance.

Technology Module

In the technical module, I learned about the attackers' techniques and methods, etc. During the lecture, there was a talk from a security vendor who is involved in the analysis of incidents that occur in various organizations. In almost every incident in which the security vendor was involved in, they claimed that the attacks could have been detected if properly monitored. I was also impressed by the following words, which were described as the foundation of security.

  • Close doors after you have opened them
  • Tidy up after you
  • If you start a system, always put maintenance measures in place

Law module

In the law module, I learned about cybersecurity laws and regulations. The legal requirements and precautions for capturing and storing logs were specifically discussed in detail. Along with an introduction to the eDiscovery system, a security service provider also explained how to cooperate with the police.


The TRANSITS Workshop in Summer 2023 was an unforgettable experience. I was able to deepen my knowledge and skills related to CSIRT through the lectures I attended. Furthermore, participating in exercises allowed me to interact with fellow participants, enriching the overall experience. I highly recommend this workshop for those who are establishing or operating a CSIRT.


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