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Hello, I am Saju Mathradan, Cyber Security Expert from KINTO Technologies (a Toyota Group company). In this blog, let me write down some of my experiences in working for tech companies in Japan, from cultural nuances to professional growth opportunities. This article is one of five articles in a series exploring diversity, delving into various work styles and perspectives at KINTO Technologies.
I am always fascinated about the technological innovation of companies in Japan, given that it stands in a very attractive destination with a cutting-edge and high end technological landscape.

My experience in Japan

In my 26 years of professional experience, I lived in Japan for 15 years, in between staying in other countries and working for global projects too. However, I was lucky to have worked with some of the leading companies in Japan to manage and transform their IT environment to the latest technologies. Before joining KINTO Technologies, I was working in the IT Security Department of Japan’s number one and world’s third largest apparel company for 6 years, and before that, with Asia's largest Japanese pharmaceutical company, and other local and global large enterprises part of IT outsourcing deals.

Cultural Connection

In my experience, technology in Japan is in its transformational period. Japanese companies have a larger global outlook than before, eager to expand business internationally and tapping into diverse global talent pool. Global workstyle and processes are followed for greater international integration in tech companies, and this often involves a strong emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and dedication to the collective goals of the organization. I found that KINTO Technologies is also not far behind as a 100% Toyota owned company, working well within the “Toyota way of culture” and providing a global environment that helps employees collaborate across regions. Together, we strive to create the future of mobility and contirbute to make the world a better place.

Language Requirements

In Japan, language always creates barriers to global workforce integration. While English is widely used in the tech industry these days, having a basic understanding of the Japanese language can be an asset. At KINTO Technologies, we never faced any big challenges using English for our daily work. Having diverse team members from different countries helped us to use English as a more of common medium along with Japanese.

Challenges in Daily Work

In my experience, Cyber Security awareness is low in many companies as the cultural thinking in Japan is that bad things can’t happen to anyone, and trust is placed in a very high level. However, with the prevalence of fraudulent access, data hacking or money laundering being common on the Internet these days, there is no boundary for threats. Japanese companies appear too vulnerable in this regard.
As a Cyber Security expert, it is quite challenging for me to prepare fool proof security control and framework to protect a company's critical applications, infrastructure, data, and access to the services securely from the internet. This is particularly true when dealing with new and emerging technology requirements of “Mobility as a Service” as well as associated E-Commerce transactions and the increasing use of online services by both customers and employees.
Preparing the security framework as given below in the picture and working to ensure the data and its access is safe and protected end to end is complex and needs a heterogeneous approach. Technology fascinated employees and supportive management of KINTO Technologies make my life easier to achieve the required goals. Moreover, I am very happy to be involved in the various levels of Mobility as a Service IT Environment.

Technology Landscape

When I experienced Japan's IT landscape, I noticed that some of the companies are still using very old and obsolete technologies and are slow in upgrading. However, at KINTO Technologies, I found that all new generation cloud technologies and tools are already in place. Whether you're interested in artificial intelligence or cutting-edge software development, KINTO Technologies offers a diverse range of opportunities to align employees’ career with their passions, or networking events such as meetups (NomiKai), and industry conferences to connect with like-minded professionals and stay abreast of the latest trends.

Professional Development

Whether it is management or technical ladders, tech companies in Japan provide employees with ample opportunities for professional growth, and I was fortunate to be able to get such good opportunities in my career from all my employers. At KINTO Technologies, it is always at par with the global industry standards. The management always encourages employees to attend industry conferences to collaborate with top-notch experts, and maximize the learning curve, enhance skill development and progress in their careers.

Work-Life Balance

Whether it was my previous companies or now in KINTO Technologies, I was always explained by HR team the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and that it's a cornerstone of the Japanese ethos. These days companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of employee's well-being, offering flexible work hours, remote work options, and wellness programs, etc. Striking a balance between professional and personal life is not only encouraged but is also seen as a sign of a well-rounded and effective team member.


In my opinion, working for a tech company like KINTO Technologies or others in Japan, will be an exciting journey filled with professional growth and technological innovation. As Japan continues to be a global tech powerhouse of manufacturing and high-end technology, the experience of working in tech companies in Japan can be a transformative chapter in one's career, offering chances into the future of technology connected with the beauty of Japanese culture. Join and Experience!


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