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Recap of Try! Swift Tokyo 2024

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Konichiwa! I'm Felix, and I develop iOS applications at KINTO Technologies. This was my first experience at a Swift-focused conference. From March 22nd to 24th, 2024, I attended the try! Swift 2024 Tokyo event held in Shibuya. It offered an excellent chance to delve into the latest industry trends and network with other engineers.


Among the many compelling presentations, I would like to highlight two that stood out to me.

First, I would like to talk about the Duolingo's AI Tutor feature. The speaker, Xingyu Wang, shared insights of implemenation of their AI tutor feature. She also presented challenges such as building a chat interface and optimizing latency for helpful phrases, along with solutions leveraging GPT-4's capabilities.
It was nice that she provided insights into the entire architecture, addressing not just the frontend but also the current challenges they are encountering. Personally, I had a similar goal of developing an English learning app for Japanese users before. Having this knowledge would be invaluable in creating similar services. Their incorporation of a sophisticated roleplay feature enhances learners' ability to practice conversational skills in a lifelike setting.

Next up, Pointfree, renowned in the community for their frameworks, particularly impressed me with their presentation on testing Swift macros, introduced in Swift version 5.9. Macros, which are compiler plugins, enhance Swift code by generating new code, diagnostics, and fix-its. The duo of presenters introduced the complexities of writing and testing these macros, highlighting the nuances of Swift. They also demonstrated how their testing library, swift-macro-testing, enhances Apple's tools by making the macro testing process more streamlined, efficient, and effective. This presentation showcased their deep understanding of Swift and their innovative approach to improving development workflows.



The booth area was bustling as attendees were eager to interact with companies and pick up some giveaways. Cyber Agent's booth was particularly engaging, featuring a whiteboard where attendees could write code Recaps on post-its. This interactive activity was both educational and effective in boosting enthusiasm.


At this conference, after the presentations, there was an innovative approach to the usual Q&A sessions. Instead of a formal setting, those with questions could meet directly with speakers at designated booth areas. I think this setup allowed for more personal interactions, where attendees could engage in conversations, ask their questions, and socialize, facilitating better communication and networking opportunities.



On the final day of the conference, attendees could choose their preferred workshops. I opted for the workshop on TCA and sat towards the back of a large room accommodating about 200 participants. The workshop mainly offered a walkthrough on using the Composable Architecture to develop a sample "SyncUp" app. Initially, I tried to code along but eventually just observed. An interesting aspect was the framework's structured approach to managing side effects, making parts of the app that interact with the external world both testable and understandable. The unit testing process seemed particularly streamlined and clear.


Attending the try! Swift 2024 Tokyo conference was a highly enriching experience. It provided a unique platform to immerse myself in cutting-edge Swift technologies and connect with industry leaders and peers. The presentations were insightful, providing in-depth explorations of real-world challenges and creative solutions in iOS development. The interactive booth sessions and specialized workshops added great value, enhancing learning and networking opportunities. To anyone reading this, I definately recommend attending the next year Try Swift!


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